We are a community of faith called Grace UCC. We are in covenant with many other churches known collectively as the United Church of Christ.


Grace United Church of Christ invites you to come, seek, think and wonder with us; to worship and serve with us; to play and to work together in all God’s ways. 


As a community of faith, Grace UCC takes seriously and faithfully protecting and safeguarding all vulnerable and marginalized populations. Wherever you are on the journey of life, you are welcome at Grace UCC!



Our mission is given to us by Jesus who told us to go and make disciples. So we are on that journey. No matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!


We are a community of faith that values the questions you have. We probably have the same questions. We don’t pretend to have all the answers. But we believe that we are more effective in finding answers together, as a community, than we are alone. We look to scriptures for guidance and always question: what does this mean today? What can we learn from this and how do we apply it in our real lives?


We are a community of faith, searching, just like you. We are looking for meaning in a world that doesn’t make sense. We are looking for a place to be renewed after a week of difficult decisions. We are looking for other people who are searching for the same things.


  1. Founded in 1886 by several families from Germany who emigrated to the U.S. and settled in the Wausau, Schofield and Stratford, WI area.
  2. In 1894, the "Little White Church" as it was known, was moved to the present location on the west side of Wausau.
  3. In 1925 the congregation began construction of the current building and it was dedicated on Feb. 21, 1926. During this time, the church was known as the First Reformed Church.
  4. In Dec. of 1955 a new educational wing was dedicated and in 1964 the name was changed to Grace United Church of Christ upon the merger of the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Church.
  5. Our 18th and current pastor, Rev. Julie Goranson was called to Grace UCC in 2012, first as a lay pastor and then she served as co-pastor until June 2016, when she was called to be the full-time pastor.


Ann Larrabee

Licensed Pastor

A member of Grace UCC since 2001, Ann has served as a Sunday school teacher, Deacon, Elder, choir member and now temporary pulpit supply.


"Pay attention to the times that God nudges us in new directions - wonderful things occur when we are open to the Holy Spirit."


You can contact Ann at alarrabee@unitedseminary.ed

Ron and Cindy Larson

Organist and Choir Director

Ron and Cindy have been an integral part of Grace UCC's music ministry for many years. Cindy started in 1984 and Ron has been here since 1990. Cindy directs the Grace UCC choir and Ron is our primary accompanist for worship services in addition to funerals, weddings, and other special occasions. When they are not busy playing beautiful music they enjoy spending time with their children and granddaughter.

Sheila Dembowski

Administrative Assistant

Sheila has lived in Schofield since 1992 and she worked for the D.C. Everest school district as an elementary school librarian and teacher for four different school libraries. For ten years she also wrote book reviews and columns for the Wausau Daily Herald and the Everest Herald.


Sheila is excited to use her skills in her position including working on Grace UCC's newsletters and website. She shares her life with her teenage son Michael, along with a “furry” family member, named Oliver, a rescue cat who keeps her on her toes.

Jim Gronski


Jim has worked at Grace UCC as the custodian since 1994. He is in charge of maintaining the church property, janitorial duties and groundskeeping. Jim does all of this while also working full time at Wausau West in the custodial department.


Jim enjoys traveling with his wife Sandy, visiting wineries, going on road trips up to the UP and attending shows at the Grand Theatre. He has a deep knowledge of Grace UCC's building and its history. His current project is repainting the interior of the church office building. Stop in and see this wonderful improvement project!